Which sin if committed by a person would cause Jesus, who willingly died for unrighteous people, to say that if a person committed this particular sin they would not be forgiven in this life or in the life to come?

This is the focus of this book. This is a book for everyone, regular people, laymen, as well as the most studied with formal theological educations. Many Bible verses, pivotal doctrines, and some figures in Church history are discussed to help establish the differences between the evangelical salvation doctrine of many protestant Churches and Christ’s actual teaching on salvation. Why has the Churches morality and credibility waned so much throughout history, and what does it mean for the current state of the world, that is desperately searching for answers?

Many people would be surprised to know that one of their primary belief systems, their salvation doctrine, is actually not Christ’s salvation doctrine, but what they believe and have been taught is some form of Reformation doctrine that was developed more than 1400 years after the Bible was written. There is nothing more important than knowing what
is required by Jesus for a person to be given eternal life.

It is amazing how the simple message of Jesus has been complicated by theologians and Bible teachers. Many of them are modern day scribes and Pharisees, whom Jesus will rebuke. In many ways their flawed interpretation of the Bible does not save, and they have so confused its meaning that many have gone astray and may never recover.

Jesus had a simple message for everyone. God’s goal for all people is that we would know him for ourselves. This book will help you understand the simplicity of Christ, and shed light on where the doctrines of men have caused many to lose their way. After reading this book you will understand what the unforgivable sin is, how to read the Gospels, and understand the writings of Paul, which many have taken out of context for hundreds of years. The Bible is not nearly as hard to understand as many have made it.


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