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My name is Cary Foster and I am a Christian Chaplain. I have 26 years of ministry experience. My mission is to live forever in Heaven with Jesus and my eternal righteous family, where there is nothing but love. A place where no one is hungry, sick, homeless, corrupt, or trying to exploit anyone else. A place where there are no outcasts, where everyone is included, and everyone works together doing their part to maintain paradise, a kingdom of peace, a society where love is the law of the land. A place where there is no reason to do what’s wrong because everyone has what they need and more. A place where everyone is loved and there are no misunderstood or lonely people, because everyone is following Jesus’ example. I believe there are many others who want this too and are willing to do their part, so I have written a book to help explain the nature and purpose of life as God designed it. A book rooted in the reality of the purpose of the Bible, and not in empty religious rhetoric. I received a Bachelors degree in Religion in 2007, and a Masters degree in 2018 in Theological and Biblical Studies, both from Liberty University. Although I did not grow up in church or in any organized religion, God has used all of my 56 years to teach me the reality of Jesus and the opportunity that we all have of eternal life. There is a point to life. In my spare time I enjoy making my wife laugh, and riding motorcycles on the coast and through the mountains. I will always be in awe of what God has done!


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The Unforgivable Sin
and Why: God’s Red
Line in the Sand

Cary A. Foster

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